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Feedback received, Questions answered! FEO, FNG and tunnels

We are two months into our new Fix and Go On and For Exhibition Only programs and we’ve gotten lot’s of good feedback and questons. We thank all of you that took the time to ask questions and shared your thoughts.

Fix and Go On and the Weave Poles

There seems to be some confusion about the weave poles and Fix and Go On.  Please make sure to brief the following information for the next few trials you are judging.

How does Fix and Go On (FNG) work with the weaves?

If a handler uses a Fix and Go On at their second or third weave attempt (for instance goes back an obstacle or two to re-attempt the weaves) and the dog does not complete the weaves, can they attempt the weaves again?

  • No, since they used their FNG they are not allowed another try at the weave poles. Only 1 FNG is allowed on any course. They must continue to the next obstacle.  Judge can tell them to go on.

Once the handler has done 3 attempts at the weave poles can they do one more for their Fix and Go On?

  •  Yes they can have one more try as long as they have not done the “Fix” previously on that course. The judge will signal with crossed arms and the scribe will indicate that on the score sheet.

When does the time start in For Exhibition Only?

With two months of exhibitors running agility in For Exhibition Only (FEO), we have learned that we need a clear guideline for when the timer starts the time. Who knew there could be so many possibilities!

Handler must leave the leash in the start area before they begin.

The timer will start the time when one of the following happens:

  • The handler leaves the leash at the start and walks with or carries the dog onto the course to start at a specific obstacle. It is apparent that the handler is leaving the start area with the dog and walking into the body of the course to begin.
  • Once the leash is removed, the handler leaves the dog and moves away from the dog in any direction.
  • Once the leash is removed, the dog leaves the handlers side on their own.

Here a PDF for you to print:

FEO Timer Start

FEO Timer Start PDF

Scribe sheet changes for Fix and Go On (FNG):

After observing the new Fix and Go On program and feedback from judges and scribes we have decided to simplify the scribe sheet entry for when the judge signals Fix and Go On. From now on it should be written with an X that is circled.

Like this!

x scribe

Tunnel recommendations:

Now that we have both 24″ and 26″ tunnels in the field, it is recommended that judges (and clubs)  use the same diameter in any given course


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