Clarification to Dogs Eligible to Enter AKC Agility Trials

Please read this clarification to Chapter 1, Section 3.  Eligibility of Dogs in the Regulations for Agility Trial and Agility Course Test (ACT)

Paragraph 7

“Dogs disfigured as the result of an accident or injury but otherwise qualified shall be eligible provided that the disfigurement does not interfere with functional movement.  Dogs should be physically sound. …”

After careful deliberation, it has been determined that having three legs does not preclude a dog from having functional movement and being physically sound. Therefore, three legged dogs are eligible for entry at AKC agility trials.

As with all dogs entered in AKC agility trials, we rely on the owner to make the best decision for their dog to compete in agility.  

As judges, you are to judge their run as any other dog.  If you see any signs of the dog being unfit to participate you are to excuse the dog.  Because of their movement looking different you may not be able to determine lameness, but you should be looking at the dog’s actions if they are avoiding obstacles, stopping prior to attempting obstacles, looking like each obstacle stakes great effort to complete and/or just walking off around the course, ignoring the handler which is evaluated on all runs that you judge.

Any questions please direct them to Carrie.  carrie.deyoung@akc.org

Thank you all for supporting the AKC Agility program as we continue to grow and change as has been continually done over our 26-year history.